ImmuneVax prides itself in making the right choices when it comes to investment opportunities.

We make full use of our all encompassing global expertise-base to conduct the most stringent due diligence to immediately eliminate non-viable opportunities, yet positioning ourselves to rapidly add value to and plot the growth path for the select and most robust growth opportunities.


Private Equity

At ImmuneVax, we strive to find adequate capital to support the most viable Life Science initiatives that have withstood our stringent due diligence process, and are destined to be the most lucrative growth initiatives.

Venture Capital

ImmuneVax team members have a long history of forging trusting relationships with Venture Capitalists and Institutional Investors. We do our homework, ensuring we represent your companies financing needs in such a way that your shareholders will receive the necessary funding at the most reasonable rates and on the best terms. Let us represent you and maintain your best interests.