The mergers and acquisitions (M&A) decision-making process is highly complex in the life science industry. Challenges we face in the M&A space include the rapid evolution of technological innovation, competition from emerging companies, and the meshwork of intellectual property. History demonstrates that only a small fraction of M&A deals will actually create long-term value for shareholders.

Life Science companies are obliged to be very selective when considering M&A activities, being certain of the added value to be gained.

ImmuneVax has core competencies to carefully carry out rigorous and rational due diligence analyses preceding the event. Accurately gauging the perceived value to be gained following a strategic merger or an acquisition is essential. Cross-sectional analysis of market conditions and future trends must be factored into any M&A decision making. Then, after the event, ImmuneVax strives to ensure that smooth and efficient post-merger integration will promote sustainable growth for the new combined entity.