At ImmuneVax, our Technology Transfer Team (TTT) helps move technologies from the Lab to the marketplace to benefit society and the global economy by developing and managing an array of partnerships with the private sector. TTT negotiates and effects licenses to a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, both to and from companies.

TTT at ImmuneVax facilitates and enhances the transfer of intellectual property, resources, and information between Universities, Institutions, or businesses, to the acquirers in an effort to improve the commercial value of inventions to develop products for the global public.  The challenge lies in identifying and replicating the processes that facilitate swift movement of technology from the halls of academia to the front-line of global commerce.

ImmuneVax specializes in steering a wide range of cutting-edge technologies, innovations and services to companies that have the financial, research & development, manufacturing, marketing, and managerial capacities to successfully commercialize laboratory inventions, while ensuring that inventions receive adequate protection of proprietary intellectual property. Accordingly, we may license the technology or product candidates to the most appropriate partner for development, registration, and commercialization.

Marketed Products

Late Stage product candidates, and already marketed and regulated products, require very different Technology Transfer considerations and actions. Our extensive experience and accomplishments in these more advanced Tech Transfers, makes ImmuneVax the ideal organization to engage to effect transfers.

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