Joint ventures and alliances serve many purposes, including filling gaps in capabilities, facilitating new market entry or sharing risks.

Several trends drive the value of these partnerships, including shortened product life cycles, globalization of competition and increased specialization of skills and capabilities.

Today, when pharmaceutical, biotechnology, and medical device companies contemplate a merger, acquisition or joint venture (JV) they need to broaden their focus beyond just determining financial risks to investigate risks associated with product safety and reliability, regulatory compliance, and reputation.

ImmuneVax advises life sciences clients on a broad range of corporate collaborations and strategic partnering transactions, from early stage target discovery and validation, to preclinical and clinical development of known drug candidates, to manufacturing and co-promotion arrangements involving FDA-approved compounds and biologics. We also have extensive experience in negotiating agreements in the fields of diagnostics as well as in the development and commercialization of medical instruments and devices. Depending on the needs of our clients, we structure such transactions as relatively simple royalty-based arrangements, as two-party cost and profit sharing arrangements, and as joint ventures involving the formation of new legal entities.