Life science companies can strategically use their intellectual property assets to generate revenue in a number of different ways including licensing their IP and developing joint ventures and strategic alliances. Venture capitalists place a high value on strategic alliances and joint ventures as they provide an opportunity to demonstrate the validity of the science and its commercial potential.

In the recent past, biopharmaceutical and other life science companies have faced some formidable challenges.

For example, the patents to more than 10 blockbuster drugs have expired, or are destined to do so shortly.

In the pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries, the turnaround time for processing of patent applications is increasing, the length of time it takes to get product approval from the regulatory agencies is increasing, and, accordingly, the costs to develop products for the marketplace have also increased dramatically.

To address these challenges, the biopharmaceutical and other life science companies have begun to form strategic alliances or partnerships. Such relationships between pharmaceutical companies and CRO’s, pharmaceuticals and biotechs, and even large pharmaceuticals with other large pharmaceuticals, can reduce costs and reduce product cycle times. Strategic alliances also also allow companies to share risks and rewards as well as offer the opportunity to learn from each other.

ImmuneVax' alliance services are designed to add value by increasing market visibility, as well as to create new revenue streams, business development and professional face-to-face networking opportunities for our partners.