Venture creation is not a linear process; rather, it is driven by social networks, serendipitous meetings and flashes of insight. Much of the progress in the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of disease can be attributed to medical research in university labs.

Not surprisingly, turning ideas into business ventures is tricky. A key ingredient in successful entrepreneurship is self-knowledge. If entrepreneurs know their limitations and strengths, they may be able to avoid some common pitfalls in starting up a biotech company.


ImmuneVax has identified the barriers that slow or deter life science innovators, detracting from their ability to get their discoveries to the Life Sciences marketplace. ImmuneVax initiatives help life science entrepreneurs commercialize their research to benefit humanity.

Brilliant researchers at institutions around the world are at the forefront of new discoveries, but few have an opportunity to develop the entrepreneurial skills necessary to move their innovations from the lab to the market. ImmuneVax' Entrepreneurship program educates and trains scientist-founders who will create the high-growth technology companies of tomorrow, helping them learn how to evaluate their research for commercial potential and the process to take promising research forward to commercialization.